Leap Translations provides a total package of text solutions for the Dutch market. As a copywriter and creative translator in one, Leap not only creates new texts, but she also translates your existing content. For you, this has the advantage of you being ready at once every time you need a specific text solution. In addition, as both an English-language and Dutch-language expert, Leap is able to prevent your Dutch texts from getting an English rhythm or your English texts from having a Dutch rhythm to them.

Of course it all starts with your text idea. Leap will put your briefing into a convincing Dutch text that will clearly identify your business or organization and stir your target audience. Leap Translations has both the linguistic and creative qualities that are needed for your promotional texts to be written in an attractive and convincing way.

Effective brand communication starts with a solid concept. Do you not only need strong texts but also a good concept – ‘the Big Idea’ – for your communications? Leap collaborates with a team of communication specialists with extensive experience in the advertising industry.

Creative translation
Leap translates English texts into Dutch. For translations into English, Leap collaborates with experienced native-English proofreaders. Like copywriting, translation is a craft requiring both talent and skill. Leap has both the translatological and creative qualities that are needed for your texts to be translated in an attractive and convincing way.

Leap provides editing and proofreading services for texts written in or translated into Dutch or English.

Text advice
Are you working on a text you need advice on? Or would you like to start writing a text, but do you seize up before you even get started? Leap will be glad to provide you with some helpful advice, which may help you to make progress in writing, rewriting or editing your text. Of course, you can always choose to outsource your text project to Leap to make sure that your text will convey the right message, structure and tone.

Please contact Leap for an offer free of engagement.