Many years’ experience in various fields

Leap Translations has an extensive and varied client base, giving her expert experience and knowledge in writing and translating for a wide range of fields and industries. Leap is particularly strong in creating copy that needs to be written or translated with a creative edge and a dynamic voice. In addition, she is good at translating complex topics into text that is well suited to any target-audience segment.

Leap specialises in the following areas:

Architecture, art & design

Leap understands that your story is mainly told through images, which means that your texts serve to contextualize your visual material. The key idea here is that your texts should not interfere with the main objective of your content: giving your art projects optimum exposure. Therefore, your texts should breathe your style and identity in every word and, at the same time, be written in perfect Dutch or English.

Lifestyle & fashion

Leap understands that your story is all about atmosphere, colour and material trends. Using your sense of style and trendspotting skills, you are able to showcase to your target audience which lifestyle or fashion trends will work for them. Your texts should radiate that recognisability in everything and, at the same time, keep up with the times. This means you need a copywriter or translator who will think critically with you and knows exactly what is going on in your business.


Leap understands that your story is a well-balanced whole comprised of the most exclusive ingredients. Your customers seek products that make them feel more beautiful, and that is exactly what you have to offer. That’s why your texts should be pure and radiate confidence, which will only work if they are polished just enough, and written with close attention and an eye for language.

Food, travel & leisure

Leap understands that your story is stimulating and tempting above all. Your target audience of bon vivants and adventurers has to be tempted to come and taste the products, concepts or activities on offer. They want to read texts that are innovative and, at the same time, evoke images of all the fine things available in life. In order to message that feeling, your text should be written or translated in a free-style way.

Politics, current affairs & society

Leap understands that your story is about complex issues that affect us all. It is important that your texts are written or translated in a neutral manner, in the sense that the opinion of the author or translator should not be reflected in them. In addition, your target audience may never be lost out of sight. That is why your texts should be entrusted to a writer or translator who is knowledgeable and has a quick mind and a keen eye.