Living and working in this digital age means our world is getting increasingly smaller. In addition, virtually every organisation nowadays has a highly-educated target audience that is at least as critical as you are. That’s why it is crucial for you to address your target audience with lively, engaging text, especially if you want to attract a broad, multicultural group of clients. Your story should therefore be told as keenly as possible in both your English and your Dutch texts. Only then you will attract attention and generate new customers.

That’s why Leap keenly deploys her core values with your brand story in mind.

Leap is:

Keenly involved
Leap’s keen involvement is reflected by the fact that she is not afraid to ask questions and be critical, even if she notices that you find that difficult to deal with.

Leap starts all her projects with a thorough and purposive preparation, which focuses on the essence of your story. In addition, she takes the time to read up on your organisation and asks the right questions so she can empathise with your story and target audience.

Keenly creative
Leap’s keen creativeness lies in her ability to act on paper. She will tell your story in a way that rouses your target audience so that it will come to action, as she won’t do it for less.

Once she has clear focus on your story and target audience, Leap can ascertain the right tone of voice for your brand story. Leap tells a complex story in such a way that a highly-educated target audience will read it with pleasure, yet she also has the ability to fine-tune that same story to cater for a broad public.

Keenly conscientious
Leap’s keen conscientiousness is expressed in her perfectionism as a language professional: your story must be written in such a manner that it is right from beginning to end and therefore convincing.

Once the story stands on its own, Leap will use her writing skills to further refine the text. As a creative translator, she knows how subtle the differences between the rhythms of the English and Dutch languages are. In addition, as a copywriter, she has the ability to polish a text just enough so it will be written to perfection.